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Automatic coating control system


At present, most fertilizer manufacturers still use manual operation to adjust the feeding amount of powder and coated oil according to experience. When the flow rate of finished granules changes, manual adjustment can not be made timely and accurately, which may result in the waste of powdered powder and coated oil or affect the quality of the coating process. In view of this problem, our company has designed and manufactured an automatic coating control system. After the automatic coating control system is adopted, the feeding quantity of coated powder and coated oil is controlled by touch screen according to the actual flow rate of the finished granule. The feeding quantity of powder and oil can automatically track the flow change of the finished granule, so that the proportion of the coated powder, coated oil and the finished granule is accurate and stable.

Quantitative feeder weighing is used to measure finished granules, which is controlled by measuring instrument and frequency converter. Coated powder is not suitable for weighing because of its small dosage and easy moisture absorption and adhesion equipment. At present, volume measurement method is mostly used. It is controlled according to the conveying volume through the linear relationship between the output frequency of frequency converter and the rotating speed of screw conveyor. The volume metering method is also used for the coating oil. The volume metering of the metering oil pump is controlled by the frequency converter. The metering control of finished granule, powdered powder and coated oil is integrated into a system by touch screen to achieve the purpose of tracking the finished granule with powdered powder and coated oil. Control instruments, transducers, etc. have automatic/manual switching switches. When switching to the field mode, they are directly controlled by the field workers. They are mainly used for equipment debugging and maintenance.

The finished granule flows through the measuring belt scale, and the weighing sensor of the belt scale transmits the weight signal of the finished granule to the measuring instrument, which calculates the actual flow rate of the finished granule. The actual flow rate of the finished granule scale is uploaded to the touch screen. According to the actual flow rate of the finished granule and the ratio of the finished granule to the coated powder, the target flow rate of the coated powder is calculated by the touch screen, the frequency of the frequency converter is adjusted, and the screw conveyor is controlled to feed according to the set target output. According to the actual flow rate of the finished product and the ratio of the finished product to the coated oil, the system calculates the target setting value of the coated oil, adjusts the output frequency of the frequency converter, changes the speed of the metering pump, and controls the input amount of the coated oil. Ultimately, the technological goal is to automatically track the actual flow of finished granules with coated powder and coated oil, so that the three raw materials can be proportioned according to the set proportion.

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