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QL series double belt static weighing scale
QL series double belt static weighing scale

QL series double belt static weighing scale

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The double belt static measuring scale is a new product designed and developed by our company. It consists of a feeding belt conveyor and a measuring belt conveyor. The measuring belt conveyor adopts the overall weighing method, and the scale body is suspended or supported by the sensor as a whole. The measuring belt conveyor is not in contact with the upper and lower level equipment, and is not affected by other equipment. The belt will not slip due to excessive pressure of the warehouse. With constant speed design, there is no need to detect the speed of the belt.
The double belt type static weighing scale adopts static weighing, that is, when weighing, the weight on the measuring belt conveyor is not increased or decreased. Because the double belt static metering scale uses a static weighing design, the scale and calibration of the scale is very simple. Only the measuring belt conveyor can be started, and the material on the measuring belt conveyor can be emptied to measure the skin without closing the silo gate valve. Because it is a static weighing design, you can use the weight calibration directly. After the skin measurement is completed, place the weight on the weighing belt conveyor scale body and press the calibration button to complete the calibration work. There is no need to use physical calibration to reduce the labor intensity of workers. The control part adopts unique hardware design and software algorithm, which has high signal sampling rate, fast measurement and control response, real-time detection of feedstock deviation in real time, high measurement accuracy and high control precision.
For the working conditions of poor environment and easy-to-adhere belts, it is also possible to start the automatic skin measurement function. After the running time reaches the set automatic skinning time, the system automatically stops the feeding belt conveyor. After the material on the measuring belt conveyor is turned empty, the system automatically starts the skin measurement and automatically resumes running after the skin measurement is completed.
System calibration accuracy: ±0.25%
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