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DEM/DEL Series Quantitative feeder
DEM/DEL Series Quantitative feeder

DEM/DEL Series Quantitative feeder

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Quantitative feeder is a special equipment for continuous transportation and measurement of bulk and granular materials and quantitative control of material flow.The working principle is that when the equipment is running, the weighing sensor transmits the ring load signal and the speed sensor to the weighing control unit. The weighing control unit continuously compares the actual feeding amount with the set feeding amount, and adjusts the motor speed through the frequency converter, so as to control the ring speed in real time and realize it.
Quantitative feeder is mainly composed of two parts: electrical control part and mechanical part. Among them, the electrical control part is mainly composed of control cabinet (control box), weighing control instrument, frequency converter, weighing sensor, speed sensor and other components; the mechanical part includes driving device, weighing body, weighing base, driving roller, driven roller, ring tape, load measuring device, belt speed measuring device, ring belt lifting and tightening device. Setting, cleaning device, load-bearing roller, distributor, dust collecting cover and other parts. Sensors, motor shields, signal sensor wiring boxes are our patented products.
The accuracy of the system is <0.5%, and the measurement accuracy is <1%. Feeding capacity is 0.05 m_/h-500 m_/h. The width and distance of leather band can be designed and manufactured according to user's requirements. We can also customize special quantitative feeders, such as fully sealed, semi-sealed and lengthened feeders, to meet the needs of different customers.
Our company specially designs and manufactures DEL/DEM quantitative feeder for chemical industry, chemical fertilizer and other industries using corrosive gases on site, which improves the service life and stability of the equipment in all aspects. The belt adopts ring skirt PVC belt, which is corrosion resistant and can prevent leakage on both sides. The main and slave drums are all covered with glue. The small idlers are made of plastic idlers, which can increase the corrosion resistance and prevent the belt from slippingEquipped with anti-corrosion cover, the scale frame is made of stainless steel or carbon steel for anti-corrosion treatment. The steel plate bending structure has beautiful appearance and good stability. It is suitable for the field use of corrosive gases.
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