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Organic fertilizer production line

Organic fertilizer production line is a special equipment for formula fertilizer ingredient and packaging developed by our company after years of research and development and combined with practical experience in fertilizer plant. At present, it has been used by many fertilizer companies in China and has been widely recognized. The equipment is advanced in technology, convenient in operation, high in automation, large in output, small in area and relatively low in cost. Computerized automatic control of ingredients, accurate mixing, high product qualification rate
Equipment Components
Raw Material Crushing System, Automatic Batching System, Mixing and Screening System, Quantitative Packaging System, Control System
1. Raw material crushing system
Organic material is put into hopper by forklift truck. Under hopper, Trailer belt conveyor is installed to pull material out continuously and evenly. The material is conveyed to wet material crusher by conveyor belt conveyor. The crushed material is conveyed to raw material bin by belt conveyor. If there are impurities in the organic matter, the material is crushed, screened and then transported to the raw material bin. The raw materials that do not need to be broken are directly fed into the silo by manual feeding platform
2. Automatic Batching System
Each raw material is equipped with a raw material warehouse, under which a batching quantitative feeder is installed. The automatic batching system can automatically control the production flow of several raw materials according to the set weight ratio.
3. Mixing and Screening System
Material proportioned according to the set proportion is conveyed to the mixer through the aggregate belt conveyor. The uniform mixing material is conveyed to the sieving machine by belt conveyor. Qualified materials screened by screening machine are conveyed to the bin of packing machine by transdermal belt conveyor.
4. Quantitative Packaging System
The packing scale uses manual bagging, automatic bagging and fills the material into the packing bag according to the set weight. The bagging is completed by dropping it on the conveyor and sending it to the sewing machine to sew the package, thus completing the quantitative packaging process. Because of the high humidity and poor fluidity of organic fertilizer, belt packaging machine is used to adapt to the characteristics of organic fertilizer. The packaging machine is equipped with conveyor and automatic thread-breaking sewing machine.
5. Control System
The control system includes touch screen, PLC, instrument, frequency converter, etc. It realizes the automatic control of raw material quantitative batching, and controls the operation of production line equipment to ensure its continuous, efficient and stable work.
technical specifications
1. Material for production: Organic fertilizer, powdery and granular material with certain moisture content.
2. Production capacity: designed according to customer data.
3. Packaging specifications: 40-50 kg/bag.
4. Accuracy: ingredient accuracy (+1%) and packaging accuracy (+0.2%).
5. Power supply: AC380V, 50Hz
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