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Blended fertilizer production line

Blended fertilizer production line

Mixed fertilizer is a kind of unit fertilizer or compound fertilizer with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients as raw materials. It is made by simple mechanical mixing, and there is no significant chemical reaction in the mixing process.
The mixing fertilizer production line equipment mainly consists of raw material bin, proportioning scale, mixer, conveyor and packaging machine. According to the space of production site, hoist can be used to reduce the area of equipment.
Mixed raw materials are continuously and quantitatively proportioned by a quantitative feeder. Each scale is controlled by a weighing control instrument and a frequency converter. Each weighing measurement instrument group is connected with a touch screen through RS485 communication. The touch screen realizes centralized operation control of each scale. The combination control of touch screen and weighing instrument can not only be centralized and unified by touch screen, but also be controlled independently by a single instrument. When the equipment is normal, the workers only need to operate on the touch screen. They can set the proportion of each scale (target output), total real-time output, read the real-time flow and cumulative output of each scale, control the start and stop of the equipment and query the historical output data report forms. Assuming that the touch screen fails, the target output of each scale can be input manually according to the ratio at the instrument end, and each instrument can be started and stopped manually independently for batching production.
The design adopts continuous production mode. In production, the belt conveyor and mixer are started manually by the button on the cabinet. After the successful start-up of each equipment, click on the touch screen to start the batching system, and the system automatically starts the batching of each scale according to the set proportion. Mixed materials are transported to the finished warehouse by belt conveyor. Upper and lower limit level gauges are installed in the finished warehouse. When the material reaches the upper limit in the finished warehouse, the batching system turns to low-yield batching and automatically restores the high-yield batching after reaching the lower limit. The packaging machine can pack 25-50kg of different packaging specifications. After the completion of the packaging, the packaging falls onto the conveyor belt and is sent out. Then the seam is sealed manually.
Process flow:
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