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Lifting water soluble fertilizer production line
Lifting water soluble fertilizer production line

Lifting water soluble fertilizer production line

Water-soluble fertilizer static batching equipment can produce various series of water-soluble fertilizer products. The combination mode of touch screen control and remote communication control is adopted. The mechanical equipment is customized according to the site space. It has the characteristics of flexible equipment layout, accurate batching proportion, even mixture and accurate packaging. It is mainly suitable for mass production of water-soluble fertilizer. Manufacturer use.
(1) Professional control equipment
Touch screen control system, unique feeding system, static batching scale, batch mixer, equipped with Siemens PLC, high-resolution transmitter, high-precision sensor, using frequency converter to control feeding speed.
(2) Production process:
Manual feeding - - raw material storage - - automatic static proportioning scale - - mixer mixing evenly - - finished product storage - - quantitative packaging of water-soluble fertilizer packaging machine
(3) Product parameters:
1. Ingredients: Can be designed according to the actual situation of customers;
2. Batching ability: It can be designed according to the actual situation of customers.
3. Production form: static batching and batch production;
4. Batching accuracy: +0.2%;
5. Mixing form: forced and reciprocating mixing;
6. Mixing capacity: can be designed according to the actual situation of customers;
7. Conveying form: combining horizontal and vertical conveying, designed according to the actual situation of customers;
8. Packaging range: 5-20 kg or 25-50 kg;
9. Packaging capacity: 200 bags per hour;
10. Packaging error: 20-50g;
11. Adapt to the environment: - 10 ~50 C. Equipment in low temperature area should be customized.
(4) Characteristics of water-soluble fertilizer equipment:
1. The batching system adopts advanced static batching control core components.
2. Because the raw material of water-soluble fertilizer is powdery, all equipments adopt sealed feeding mechanism to avoid dust.
3. The batching scale adopts static batching method, which has accurate batching and adjustable batching range.
4. Manual feeding, the prepared materials are conveyed to the mixer for mixing. Material is evenly mixed and transported to the finished warehouse. Packing machine is installed under the warehouse for quantitative packaging. According to the actual effective space design, the combination of horizontal transportation and lifting transportation can solve the problem of insufficient workshop height.
5. The equipment of the production line has the advantages of corrosion resistance, long service life, good sealing effect, low failure rate and flexible layout. It can be designed according to the customer's site conditions and requirements.
6. Optimized equipment layout and equipment structure, material mixing evenly and then lifting, in order to avoid material in the hoist affecting the formula;
7. The error of packing weighing is 0.02-0.5Kg, which ensures the accuracy of packing weight.
8. Because of the corrosiveness of water-soluble fertilizer, the contact parts of our company's products and materials are made of 304 stainless steel, with thick, strong and durable plates.
Functional characteristics of control system:
: Precise ingredient: Each ingredient has two feeding modes: fast and slow feeding controlled by frequency converter. The structure is specially designed according to thefluidity and proportion of each material, and the metering accuracy is high.
 Micro-ingredients: The amount of different fertilizers varies greatly or the amount of some fertilizers added is very small, which can still ensure the accuracy of ingredients.
 There is manual/automatic working state selection to facilitate debugging and cleaning of equipment. Each scale bucket has a manual button, which can be opened and closed manually.
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